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The Main Benefits of Natural Lighting In An Office Design  

Since the pandemic flexible working has become the norm and other things are being introduced to make the office environment a nice place for staff to be as the average person spends more time at work than they do at home! The one thing that will positively impact your staff and it doesn’t cost a penny is natural lighting. 


A Productive Workforce 

Studies have found that natural light is the number one natural light element preferred by more than half of employees when talking about workspace design. Another study showed that workers who sit close to a window surge in productivity compared to those who don’t. 


Health Benefits 

As well as productivity, natural light can also improve your health. Natural light will improve the regulation of viral vitamins such as serotonin, melanin, and vitamin D as well as lowering sick days and absenteeism. Businesses with no windows experience more sick days than offices.  


Mood, Energy Levels & Motivation

Daylight can improve mood, energy levels, motivation, positivity, and as mentioned above productivity too. Having windows in an office will also reduce the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder. It will provide you with better quality sleep and therefore a more engaged, energised, and efficient workforce. 

The World Green Building Council says that workers feel a lot more engaged when they work in natural lighting meaning they are more likely to stay focused on their tasks. More engagement and collaboration mean more productivity and ultimately more success. 


Visual Breaks 

In another poll workers have said that they prefer to have visual breaks from their digital devices, this includes being able to look out a window. Providing adequate access to natural light is the perfect way to facilitate a temporary technical detox. 



Natural lighting means taking advantage of daylight and therefore reducing the amount of energy you use on artificial lights. Using natural lighting is cost-saving and will make your business a lot more sustainable and eco-friendly. 


Introducing Light To The Workplace

Now you know about the benefits of why you should be allowing as much natural light into your office space as possible. We now want to let you know how you can implement this in your office. 

  • Offering freedom of movement around the office allowing them access to the window seat. This gives everyone a fair chance. 
  • Incorporate floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights and part of your next office fit-out or refurbishment. 
  • Avoid blocking natural light sources. 
  • Encourage outdoor meetings and phone calls to increase the amount of time your staff spends outside. 

Types of Glass For Your Windows

Windows are responsible for bringing in natural light and can offer sunlight without any heat, glare, or street noise if coupled with the right kind of glass. You can choose between laminated, tempered, and insulated. 

Laminated Glass – Laminated glass is extra strong and is manufactured by fusing two panes around an inner layer does not allow the glass to shatter into sharp jagged panes. It is extremely safe and is extremely hard to break. This type of glass is used in commercial buildings due to how they cope with extreme weather conditions. 

Tempered Glass – Tempered glass is also known as toughened glass, it is at least 5 times stronger than regular glass. It is manufactured through a heat tempering process, providing it with strength and durability. 

Insulated Glass – Insulated glass is responsible for thermal comfort and will make the building more energy-efficient providing it with incredible energy efficiency. Insulated panels are a great choice if you want to be warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. 

The team at Aacme Glass can help create a naturally lit office to suit all of your needs. We have a range of glass available in our showroom to suit a range of needs and properties.


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