Double Glazing Repairs Newport | uPVC Window Repair

Double Glazing Repairs Newport

Comprehensive double glazing repairs for all windows and doors.

At Aacme Glass, our double glazing repairs are cost-effective and long-lasting.

Our double glazing repair ensures you’re left with the very best double glazed unit – all for one affordable, fixed price.

Double Glazing Repairs Cardiff

For double glazing repairs – contact our team using an online contact form on our website or telephone us now on: 01633 244926

Our expert glaziers have over 60 years of experience in the glazing industry and can repair and replace a wide range of double glazing units, so if you’ve found your double glazing units have misted up or blown, Aacme Glass have the expertise to repair and replace all uPVC and frames.

Getting your double glazing units repaired starts with either a quick call or email where one of our team will ask some basic questions about your double glazing repair needs and then provide you with a free no-obligation quote for the double glazing repair.

Once the quote has been agreed upon, a member of our team will arrange a time and date that suits your schedule to come and survey the damage to your double glazing and will also take a look at your hinges, handles, and locks to ensure you get the best repair job. 

Often when a pane is damaged or misted it will need replacing. If this is the case our glass repair technician will measure the unit and order a replacement piece of glass before carrying out the glass fitting service. At Aacme Glass, we can also repair or replace any damaged hinges, locks and for all window handles and door repair, making sure that your whole double glazing unit is better than ever.

Every one of our double glazing repairs or replacements starts with a free no-obligation quote and is the most affordable on the market for the quality of repairs carried out. If you have a question, would like more information, or to request a quote – get in touch today.

Every one of our double glazing repairs or replacements starts with a free quote. All of our double glazing quotes are the most affordable on the market for the quality of repairs carried out. If you have a question, would like more information, or to request a quote – get in touch today.

Double Glazing Repairs Newport


All of our double glazing repairs and glass products are available in Newport, Cardiff and the surrounding South Wales area. Our dedicated glazing team works around the clock to carry out weekend repairs for all of your glazing emergencies and if you require a custom order, we are able to prepare your window for the brand new double-glazed pane


  • Double glazing repairs on all doors and windows including uPVC, wood and aluminium
  • Replacement double glazed windows and doors
  • Misted and blown double glazing repairs 
  • All glass panes replaced
  • Servicing and repair of all windows, door handles, locks & hinges. 

Misted Units & Broken Panes

If your double-glazed unit has become ‘misted’, it is because the seal has failed and condensation has got between the two panes which leads to poor thermal efficiency, meaning they won’t keep the cold out as well as a fully operational unit. Misting often occurs as your double glazing ages. The team at Aacme Glass provide quality and affordable replacements for all misted and broken units.

Double Glazing Repairs

Leaks & Drafts

From time to time windows, doors and conservatories may suffer leaks or draughts. These can be very inconvenient and are caused by a number of issues including slipped roof panels, faulty hinges, and broken door or window seals. Whatever the problem the window fitters at Aacme Glass will be able to identify and correct the problem. Call us today if you have a window leak before further damage is caused to your home.

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Double Glazed Units

Window & Door Locks

Stiff and creaky locks on your double-glazed units occur over time if they are poorly maintained or just general wear and tear due to their extensive use. Regular cleaning & oiling will prolong their lifespan but they can begin to grind against the frame over time – causing permanent damage to the locking mechanism. Our glaziers are experienced at removing, servicing and completely replacing all locks for double-glazed windows & doors.

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Window & Door Hinges

Similar to locks, hinges can wear over time too which is usually due to extensive use and wear and tear. This can result in stiff windows and doors which can become difficult to open and close. If not treated, they can scrape against the frame or lock up completely which will prevent you from using your window/door altogether.

The Benefits of Quality Double Glazing

  • Increased security levels for your home.
  • Noise reduction which will then create a peaceful environment at home.
  • A warm home in the winter, as well as a cool home in the summer.
  • Lowering energy bills and increasing the overall home energy efficiency.
  • Prevents drafts

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