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Should I Repair or Replace My Windows?

When your windows are leaking, foggy, cold or in any other way don’t do what they are supposed to do you may start to question whether you need to replace or repair your windows and which option is the best for your situation. If you would like any more information on our windows or our glass services please visit our website today.

The decision to repair or replace windows can be a challenging one, you need to think about the costs and what you can save in the long run as well as short term. Upgrading your windows to have a higher energy efficiency has the potential to reduce your annual energy use in your home.

Maintaining Your Windows

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The maintenance of your windows is important as if you don’t keep a sharp eye on these small problems could lead to bigger ones very quickly. This could then potentially affect the overall value of your property as well as living conditions.

To make sure your windows are in top condition you should try and visually inspect both sides of the window. By doing this you should be able to see if there are any chips in or around the glass as well as damage to the actual window structure. You should then test the performance of the window, you can start by opening and closing them which will determine if they stick or if the handle is broken. This sounds easy and it is, it is a really simple way to evaluate if your windows need to be replaced or repaired.

Impact On Living

A faulty window may affect your heating bills. If you have single glazed windows, this could be impacting the comfort of your home and the cost of your heating bills. If you were to replace them with double glazing you would be able to keep the heat in your home and therefore keep heating bills down. If you live in a busy area or live near busy roads replacing the glass of your windows with toughened glass or laminated glass could improve the noise drastically in your home due to its thickness and ability to absorb the sound waves.

Identifying Problems

If your windows have some of these problems you may need to consider replacing your windows completely.

  • Water Leakage – When you notice that water is entering your home around the windows you may be having an issue with your window seals. Window seals are meant to hold back water, excess water entering your home around the windows could mean that your exterior window casing is broken. If you find out that the water is coming through the window is 100% time to replace your window.
  • Condensation – Interior window condensation is caused by excessive moisture in the home. It more than often occurs in the winter when there is warm air inside the home compared to the cold air outside. Condensation is known to be a lot worse in single glazed windows which means that replacing your windows with double glazing could help reduce this problem.  
  • Cracked Glass – This depends entirely on what type of windows you have. If you have single pane windows that are broken you can fix these inexpensively by a glazier. If you have broken double glazing this can also be repaired by a glazier, however, this could be a good excuse to replace the whole thing.

Aacme Glass

If any of your glass furniture breaks or is accidentally chipped, Aacme Glass can repair glass furniture with outstanding quality glass panes to make sure your glass looks great and is also practical. If you would like any information on our glass services please contact us on 01633 244936.


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