New Year Window Replacement! | Double Glazing Repair and Replacement

New Year Window Replacement!

New Windows From Aacme Glass

Even the best quality windows won’t last forever and double glazed windows will last, on average, for around 15 – 20 years. This is obviously impacted by several factors such as how well they are maintained, the weather they have to withstand and the type of frame material you choose. If you have been putting off getting your windows replaced then there is no better time than the new year. You could even make it your new year resolution to get new and improved windows installed in your home. Not only will they improve the aesthetics, but they can also save you money in the long run because they will be more efficient at keeping the cold air out. Aacme Glass provides expert double glazing repairs and replacement. Our glass fitting service means that the quality of your new window installation will be top class. Call us today on 01633 244926 to find out what we can do for you.

How To Tell If Your Windows Need Replacing?

Do you need new windows in 2019? Not sure? There are some signs you can look out for which indicate if it is time to replace your windows. Chance are that if you think your windows need replacing or repairing, they probably do. Window replacement is often beneficial due to increased efficiency and appeal. Aacme Glass has put together a few signs to look out for which suggest it might be time for a replacement.

  1. Condensation and leaks – As well as not looking great, condensation can actually reduce the amount of light which is able to stream through the window which is their main purpose. While condensation can be wiped away, this can quickly become annoying and often means you end up with mould growing on the inside of the frame too. These issues usually occur when the seals have gone, or if the window hasn’t been installed properly in the first place. The worst-case scenario is when the window actually starts to leak and you end up with pools of water on the inside. In all of these instances, it’s probably the most cost-effective option to simply replace the window as repairs can work out as expensive if the seals on other panes fail and the whole cycle starts again.
  2. High energy billsOld or inefficient windows can have a significant impact on your home’s insulation and can lead to high energy bills. If you only have single pane glass then it is probably time to upgrade to double glazing as this will save you money in the long run. If the glass is cold to touch then it’s highly likely you’re wasting energy. Replacing your windows will keep your home warm and to help you save money on energy bills.
  3. Need a home makeover – Upgrade your home with shiny and efficient windows at a price that suits you. It’s amazing what a difference new windows can make to the overall look of your property. If you want to give your ‘curb appeal’ a boost, replacement windows can be transformative. It’s not just about improving the look or warmth of your home; changing the type of window or the size can increase the amount of light entering your home and, when opened, can help to circulate fresh air and enhance the ambience of your home.
  4. MistedIf your double glazed unit has become ‘misted’, it is likely that the unit is compromised. Misted units have poor thermal efficiency and are less effective at keeping out the cold. This can often occur as your double glazed units age. The team at Aacme provide quality and affordable replacements for all misted and broken units.
  5. Noisy Neighbours?Modern windows are designed to reduce sound transfer which can make a huge difference to your quality of life if you live near a busy road, have noisy neighbours, or any other disturbing sounds. If you can clearly hear noise from outside when you stand inside and the window is shut, this is probably an indicator that your window is quite old. So, if you want to enjoy the peace and quiet, new is the way to go.
  6. Locks and hingesStiff and creaky locks on your double glazed units occur over time if they are poorly maintained. They are prone to general wear and tear throughout their lifetime due to their extensive use. Regular cleaning & oiling will prolong their lifespan but they can begin to grind against the frame over time – causing permanent damage to the locking mechanism. Our glaziers are experienced at removing & servicing or completely replacing all locks for double glazed windows & doors. Similar to locks, the hinges on double glazed windows and doors can wear over time due to extensive use. This often results in stiff windows & doors that are very difficult to open and close. If left unrepaired, the hinges can stiffen and scrape against the frame or completely lock up – preventing you from opening or closing your window/door. Drafts can often occur when the window doesn’t shut properly. If the locking mechanism is not working any more, this can be the cause. And don’t forget that could give you a potential security issue too.


Aacme Glass Window Service

Window ReplacementBeen meaning to get that crack fixed for a while now? Does a smashed pane need immediate attention? No time is better than the new year to give us a call today to find out about our comprehensive range of glass repair, glazing and maintenance services. We offer a very speedy and efficient service.

With over 30 years of glazing experience, the Aacme Glass glazing team can repair and replace a wide range of double glazed units. If your existing double glazed units are misted or blown, we’re able to provide comprehensive repairs or replacements for all uPVC and wooden frames. Getting your double glazed unit repaired usually starts with a quick call or an email. Our glazing experts will ask you some basic questions about your double glazing before providing you with a competitive quote for the double glazing repair.

Once the quote has been agreed, a member of our team will arrange a suitable time to come and survey the damage to your double glazing. The survey will include a complete check-up of all double glazed units – including hinges, handles and locks. If a misted or damage pane needs replacing, our glaziers will measure up the unit and order the required replacement glass. We can also repair or replace any damaged hinges, locks and handles for all windows and doors.

All of our double glazing repairs and replacements cover Newport, Cardiff, Swansea and surrounding areas. Our dedicated glazing team work around the clock and carry out weekend repairs for all glazing emergencies. For replacement panes that require a custom order, we are able to secure your window in preparation for the new double glazed pane.

Aacme Glass Ltd give you everything you need, supplying a huge array of glass, cutting it in-house and fitting it at yours. With perfect precision for every single pane, our team offers the ultimate glass fitting experience so you can count on us for any project, from replacement glass for a window through to weird and wonderful one-offs.

There are safety regulations about window installations and if the frame of your window is less than 800mm from the floor the glass will need to be toughened glass. This means it is around 5 x stronger than standard glass and if broken will break into large chunks rather than shattering into lots of pieces. With Aacme Glass you can rest assured that you will be receiving a top quality double glazing service which meets all safety guidelines. The cheapest option is not always the wisest when it comes to home improvements such as new windows. Price often reflects the quality and if you want windows which last a long time, the quality is important. Aacme Glass offer competitive pricing on our double glazing services without compromising the price. Call us today on 01633 244926 for more advice and information.


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