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Top tips for improving home decor with a mirror

Mirror CardiffA simple yet effective way to bring a room together is by putting a mirror up in the room. Interior designers and homeowners alike are always playing with wall mirrors and the impact they can have on the home. The design concepts behind this are based on providing a better perspective and more light to any room, as well as creating a decorative and artistic focus. Our master craftsmen can provide you with any mirror glass cut to size, allowing for unique design solutions around the home. We’re also on hand to carry out mirror repairs and can replace any mirror Cardiff. Get in touch with our team today on 01633 244926 and we can bring your dreams to life.

With 30 years of experience and hundreds of custom mirrors created, our master craftsmen have provided customers with bespoke bathroom mirrors and wall mirrors throughout South Wales. We don’t skimp out when it comes to quality and just because it looks expensive it doesn’t have to be. You’ll leave Aacme satisfied with your mirror glass price, every time.

Wall mirrors

Custom mirrors CardiffWall mirrors provide limitless flexibility when it comes to interior design as they can be placed anywhere in the home. Our bespoke mirror glass cut to size means you can pick where to place it before it’s even made. No more having to choose a mirror that best fits your available space, as every mirror cut to size at Aacme will be tailored to your specific dimensions.

Larger wall mirrors can be perfect to give the room a different perspective and provides a completely different dimension to interior design. With the right frame, a large wall mirror can give your living room or bedroom a really bold look. Our master craftsmen are able to create the very best custom mirror Cardiff, perfect for every room in your home, so don’t be shy when it comes to sharing your design ideas!

Full length mirror

Large mirror CardiffAdding a full length mirror to any room will give a renewed perspective of the space and provide you with a much more spacious and lighter feel. Commonly found in bedrooms, full length mirrors can easily provide greater depth and perspective, especially in smaller or busier rooms.

Whilst full length mirrors are perfect for bedrooms, it can often be difficult to accommodate them elsewhere in your home. If accompanied by a spectacular mirror frame, you can make a full length mirror work well in the right room. Outside of the bedroom, you can expect a full length mirror to be used as more of a decorative piece, as a bold frame provides the room with more than just a renewed perspective.

If you’re searching for ‘mirror Cardiff’ and would like to know more about our mirror range, call our glazing experts today on 01633 244926.

Mirrors cut to size

Our cut to size mirrors can be ordered in any size and shape. Made to measure, we can supply quality mirror glass, perfect for a range of applications. From your basic silver mirror to bespoke tinted mirrors, we supply a variety of mirror glass cut to size.

If you’re searching for ‘mirror Cardiff’, our expert team of master craftsmen can cut and process the perfect mirror to your exact measurements. We even deliver locally and can arrange to fit the mirror as required. Once we’ve cut the mirror to size, we carry out edge work, polishing and bevelling, to ensure the perfect cut – every time.

Our bespoke glass cutting service means you can get the best mirror Cardiff has to offer. So, whether you’re looking for a simple square or rectangle mirror, or a bespoke shape and size – simply contact us or call now on 01633 244926.

Measuring the space for your mirror

Whilst people may think it’s straightforward to measure a small or large space where your mirror is going to be placed, this is not always the case. One of the most common issues people have is that the space required for the mirror is not always symmetrical or ‘square’. This can cause a lot of issues when it comes to measuring up, and failure to identify the exact measurements can often result in a ‘rake’. This is where the mirror is slightly too large to fit in the space – even a few mm can make all the difference.

We recommend you take your time when measuring up, especially if you are planning on filling the entire wall or space with the mirror. If you’re measuring an area that’s slightly bigger than the size of the mirror required, you’ll have a little margin for error when measuring the space. If you require slightly bespoke or difficult cut outs within the mirror to accommodate for sockets, skirts and radiators etc. it’s important that these are specified in your dimensions before ordering your mirror.

When enquiring about our mirror Cardiff service, we recommend having the dimensions to hand and ensure the measurements are as accurate as possible. All our glaziers cut mirrors to the precise dimensions, making it essential that all measurements are as accurate as possible.

For more information and advice on measuring space for your mirror, or to find out more about our complete range of mirrors, get in touch with a member of our team today.

Custom mirrors cut to size

At Aacme Glass we pride ourselves on being able to provide the very best glass cutting service. Our precision glass cutting will leave you with the perfect mirror cut to size, suitable for any room in your home. To find out more about our mirror glass cut to size in Cardiff, you can call our master craftsmen today on  01633 244926. We can help review your designs and provide you with a competitive mirror glass price.


Top tips for decorating with mirrors

Use a significant floor length mirror at the rear of an item of furniture in limited spaces.

Mirrors that happen to be cut to the same width as opposing home furniture makes the piece look purposeful and prominent as opposed to just put there. Console tables are ideal for modest houses as a backing mirror makes for a great accent item. A considerable mirror on the landing space may also allow you the simple luxury of one very last ” once over ” before you rush out the door. For safety, connect the mirror to your wall with brackets even if you’re resting the mirror on to the floor.

Place a mirror at the rear of a light source.

Putting a reflection behind a light is an excellent tip because it will help push the lights reach in addition to developing a soothing effect when the lighting bounces off the mirror. This creates another accent piece inside your space offering a feeling of depth.

Mirror walls

As much of a disaster, it may seem this is where it can be employed as an element of design rather than a stand- alone piece it can generate an effective and pleasant effect within the room it’s in. Whether it is made up of smaller sized tiles of glass or bigger sheets are up to you, however the end effect can result in gratifying if used appropriately. Contemplate shaping the edges of the wall to create a natural edge so that the “fake space” result is cut off since this can be rather disorientating and draw attention away from the genuine space within the room.

When attempting to diversify and design your home, it is frequently challenging for a single aspect to change the dynamic of the space. A mirror has the capacity to modify the dynamic of the entire house because of the exceptional visual attributes it might bring into your family home. Decorative mirrors are a wonderful option if you are searching to produce a feeling of room or space and depth in a room in addition to a functional and sensible feature, such as full- length mirrors inside a hallway, wall- size mirrors in bathrooms and full-length door mirrors on wardrobes.


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