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Looking for a new mirror? Mirrors can have a wide impact on the look and feel of any room in a home. There is a range of different options available when looking to purchase a mirror, they’re available in many shapes, sizes and can be fit to any frame.


Some of the common uses for mirrors in the home also incorporate furnitures such as wardrobes and gym orientated rooms. Mirrored wardrobes add a beautiful touch to a bedroom and create an artistic and decorative focus that other furniture won’t. Due to the reflective nature of the glass, it will also add extra light to the room in question! There are many benefits to purchasing mirrored glass and it can be used for a variety of different purposes.


If you would like a Mirror Newport quote, then please call us today on 01633 244926. One of our friendly team will be able to advise you on our glass services and help you choose the perfect glass product for your home.




With Aacme Glass, it’s never hard to get your perfect glass mirror into your home. The process is simple. Come and visit our showroom in Newport, where you will be able to view our vast range of glass supplies. This will give you the option to see the mirrored glass stock and choice that we have in our store, in person. Once you have decided on the sort of mirror you would like, you can then request from us to cut it to a specific size if need be. Our master craftsmen will make sure that you get the correct mirror. Getting the right size and shape for your mirror is important so that you can ensure it looks perfect in your home. We will then cut your mirror there and then, whilst you’re waiting in the showroom. Once the glass has been cut to the specified size, our experienced team of fitters will then be able to organise an installation date for you.

Mirror Newport




As mentioned before, we offer a bespoke cut to size glass service for all glass supplies here. The customisation service we provide allows us to understand our customers needs so that we can provide you with the best glass possible. No matter what size, shape or specification of glass you require, we can do the job for you! From mirrored glass to laminated glass and obscure glass, we have it all here. The complexity of glass materials gives us the flexibility to tailor the product to your needs in a way that makes it personal and unique.


In the case that you come across broken glass in your home, we can also come and repair it. We’re able to fix smashed windowpanes and other glazings that have got any cracks or has shattered.




Established as a family business in 1987, we take pride in our abilities to satisfy customers time and time again. We offer quick and effective glass solutions at inexpensive prices to provide an excellent service that no one else can beat! Between us, our craftsmen and team members have years of experience and will be able to take care of the process for you. With Aacme Glass, you won’t ever have to look further for any glass products or fitting services.


For more information on our Mirror Newport service then please get in touch today! We can help you pick out the perfect mirrored glass and provide you with an unbeatable price.


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