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Kitchen splashbacks in Cardiff

Splashback kitchen ideas by Aacme Glass

Splashbacks for kitchensFrom your rustic and homey to your more contemporary and sleek kitchen designs, Aacme Glass can bring your home to life with a unique range of kitchen splashbacks. Choose from any colour and any design and our master craftsmen can fit the final piece of the puzzle to your perfect kitchen. The splashback kitchen designs created by the team here at Aacme are created using only the finest materials. For a helping hand with your splashback ideas in Cardiff, get in touch with our master craftsmen today on 01633 244926.

Aacme Glass has been a leading supplier of bespoke glass products in Wales for 30 years. Using only the very best quality glass, the finesse and precision of our master craftsmen leave you with the perfect finish, every time. Whether it’s our glass cutting service or unique splashbacks for kitchens, we’re a glass company with years of experience under our belts.

What is splashback glass?

Glass splashbacks were once an uncommon occurrence in homes but have since become the focal point of many kitchens. Their ability to bring your kitchen together with an infinite number of colours to choose from, their low maintenance and high-impact design have made them a popular choice compared to regular kitchen tiles. Cut to size, our glass splashbacks can slide seamlessly into any room in your home. Commonly found in kitchens, splashback glass is also becoming a popular design feature for bathrooms and washrooms around the world. Manufactured in any colour, glass splashbacks can give an otherwise bland room that ‘lift’ it so desperately needs.

Creating glass splashbacks

Kitchen splashbacks at Aacme GlassThe creation of glass splashbacks begins with glass cutting. Knowing your required dimensions, design ideas, and its application, our master craftsmen can get to work on cutting and designing the splashbacks. All dimensions and measurements must be as accurate as possible, right down to every mm. Once your kitchen splashbacks have been cut to size they will undergo a toughening process to make them more durable and long lasting. The final step before our master craftsmen begins the toughening process is the polishing of the splashback edges to give it that smooth, safe finish.

Your glass splashback is then heated in a large glass toughening kiln-like machine and can reach temperatures of 620 degrees. The glass is rapidly cooled and the contracting of the glass creates a tension that improves the splashback’s resistance to heat and stress, making it a perfect material for behind the hob.

By using toughened glass, you can ensure maximum safety and durability in your kitchen. Toughened glass is more than 4 times stronger than your regular glass, and can withstand the high temperatures of any kitchen. The composition of toughened safety glass also ensures that in the unlikely event that your glass splashback was to break, the glass wouldn’t break into sharp, dangerous shards but into small chunks – making it a much safer material.

Coloured glass splashbacks

After the toughening process has been completed, it’s time to give the glass a splash of colour. You can choose from a patterned design or any colour. If you choose a specific colour, your splashback glass will generally be sprayed. The application of colour is applied behind the glass, so you never have to replace your kitchen splashbacks as the colour will remain as vibrant and beautiful throughout its lifetime. With an infinite amount of colours to choose from, you can either pick from our default range of colours or let us know if you’re looking for something specific.


Our kitchen splashbacks are cut to size and can fit all kitchen backs. Designed to fit perfectly, you can choose from a huge range of colours to best match the existing colour theme of your kitchen.

Kitchen splashbacks in Cardiff

The type of glass most commonly used for kitchen splashbacks is a low iron 6mm toughened glass that is back-painted. By using low iron glass, we’re able to show the true colour of the kitchen splashback. Regular glass panes contain iron, which can often be seen as a green tint within the glass. Using low iron glass panes removes this greenish tint, and will not interfere with your chosen colour. Low iron glass provides a crystal-clear view, giving you a true colour when using it for kitchen splashbacks.

Using toughened glass is perfect for kitchen splashbacks at it will most definitely experience higher temperatures being near heated areas such as the hobs. With toughened glass being between 4 and 6 times as tough as regular paned glass, the high durability of your kitchen splashbacks will last you a lifetime.


The functionality of kitchen splashbacks provides unlimited design ideas when choosing a location and colour in your home or kitchen. You can customise your kitchen splashbacks by mounting a digital image or design on the back or choose from a wide range of unique colours. This allows you to perfectly match your kitchen with the glass splashback. Our master craftsmen are experts with glass splashback design and have created splashbacks for various kitchens and bathrooms throughout South Wales. Visit our splashback page to see examples of our work.

Glass splashbacks in CardiffThe advantages of using glass splashbacks within your kitchen and home are their durability and functionality. Never has it been easier to clean grease, dirt and food off a surface. The toughened glass can be screwed or glued to the wall, and have become a common feature for homes in the UK as they are less expensive as they once were.


In recent years, glass splashbacks are being used in throughout homes in areas outside of the kitchen. Whilst kitchen splashbacks can really complete your kitchen’s design, we are seeing orders and requests for glass splashbacks in bathrooms. Because of their durability and design, they provide the perfect balance between functionality and design for modern and contemporary designed bathrooms.

Having glass splashbacks installed in your bathroom could give it that new lease of life and is extremely easy to maintain. Requiring nothing more than a wipe down with glass cleaner, keeping the glass splashbacks in your bathroom is simple.

Your standard bathrooms are much smaller than your kitchen, and often requires a certain type of glass splashback to be designed. All our glass splashbacks can be cut to size to accommodate the shape and design of your bathroom. Whether it’s for the walls of your shower or to be fitted above the sink, they can be easily installed using a glass adhesive and are guaranteed to stay in place.

The glass splashback will provide a different finish to what you would expect from stained glass or obscure glass. As the colour from the glass splashback is painted on, you won’t be able to see through the glass. This generally isn’t an issue as glass splashbacks are nearly always wall-mounted.

Glass cutting with Aacme Glass

If you’re looking to bring your kitchen to life, you can choose from a range of kitchen splashbacks in Cardiff. To find out more about our range of glass splashbacks, contact our master craftsmen today on 01633 244926. We can provide advice and guidance on the best approach to making your house a home, so get in touch today.


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