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Affordable glass repair Cardiff – Explained by Aacme Glass

Depending on the severity of the damage to your window or item, glass repair can often end up being much cheaper than a complete replacement. When looking for glass repair Cardiff, it is important to weigh up the benefits of a comprehensive repair or complete glass replacement. There are various considerations when deciding between glass repair or glass replacement, and our master craftsmen are on hand to discuss some top tips to glass repair Cardiff. To get a quote or callout call us today on 01633 244926.

From a small chip or crack, to a heavily damaged item or smash window pane, get in touch today to find out more about our comprehensive range of glass repair services. For more sentimental and uncommon items it’s likely to need that extra special touch.

Searching for glass repair near me?

Glass Repair CardiffBased in Newport, Aacme Glass provide unparallel glass repair throughout South Wales. When researching for glass repair Cardiff, it is important to identify the cost of the repair against a complete glass replacement. It may be an expensive unique item that cannot be easily replaced and therefore will likely be best repaired. For a quote on any glass repair costs, call our experienced team of master craftsmen today to discuss the extent of damage sustained to the piece of glass. Not only will our team be able to help you out with a comprehensive quote, we can also provide guidance in protecting your piece of glass from becoming further damaged before we can carry out repairs.

On occasions where the craftsmanship of your glass is unique, it can often be quite a challenge to provide the same quality finish as the original. Where glass replacement isn’t an option, we recommend contacting our master craftsmen directly to find out how your item will be repaired.

Glass repair made easy

From window repair to replacement glass for furniture or sentimental items, what are your next steps? In the event of an emergency window repair, we recommend contacting our team of master craftsmen as soon as possible. When discussing the needs for your window glass repair, there are some handy bits of information that will help get our team out to you in no time;

The dimensions of your broken window

Glass Window Repair Cardiff

Having the dimensions of the window may increase the likelihood of same day repairs where available. By knowing the exact measurements of your broken window, we can check against our existing stocks and often provide same day window repair. The best way to measure the dimensions of your window is with a tape measure, but if you are without one you can easily use a ruler. If this isn’t possible then call our team today and we can be there to measure and replace the window glass.

Is the window a single pane or double glazed?

Single pane window repairs often make for a quick fix and are the fastest when it comes to glass window replacement. Replacement glass for double glazing, however, can be difficult. Window glass repair of a double-glazed unit requires the recalibration of the space between each pane of glass. When one glass window is compromised, so is the pocket of air between each pane of glass. If not repaired correctly, you could end up with misted double glazing or condensation in double glazed units.

All window repair that requires a high impact solution should be repaired or replaced with toughened safety glass or laminated glass. This not only increases the strength and toughness of the glass from future damage but is much safer if it were to break under pressure.

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When it comes to glass repair and window repair, getting it fixed quickly is important. By leaving a damaged window or glass surface broken could lead to further, irreversible damage. If this happens, a glass replacement service is more expensive than the initial glass repair. To find out more about our replacement glass Cardiff, contact our master craftsmen today on 01633 244926.

From glass window repair to replacement glass for a table or surface, we can be there to fix it today.



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