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Glass Balustrade Cardiff

Bespoke balustrade solutions at Aacme Glass

For a new, contemporary look to your home, a glass balustrade could be the perfect solution. Their unique design and clean finish provide a beautiful yet practical design; especially for a new staircase. With a range of decorative styles and designs to choose from, Aacme Glass provide bespoke glass balustrade solutions for all internal staircases and landings. From a beautifully custom glass bannister to a completely frameless glass balustrade, Aacme glass provides a comprehensive design and fitting service. If you’re looking for a new glass balustrade Cardiff, call us on 01633 244926.

The master craftsmen at Aacme Glass are experienced in producing bespoke balustrade glass solutions for staircases of all shapes and sizes. All our glass balustrade fittings are bespoke, and design based on your requirements and needs. Get in touch with our team of glass cutting experts today to find out more about our glass balustrade for stairs. As an independent glass cutting company in Newport, you can expect to find affordable glass balustrade prices across our entire range.

Frameless glass balustrade Cardiff

Frameless Glass Balustrade CardiffHaving a frameless glass balustrade fitted removes the need of fixings and steel bannisters to be installed. It does, however, require a much longer stretch of moulded glass to fit the staircase. All balustrade installations use toughened safety glass for a stronger, safer finish. At least four times stronger than standard glass, the toughened safety glass used for a frameless glass balustrade makes it far more durable to any knocks and bumps. It also protects people in your home from being at risk if the balustrade was to break or shatter. Toughened safety glass doesn’t break into dangerous shards of glass under high impact, but instead breaks into small chunks that are much safer.

Glass banister

Frequently used in homes for their elegance and design, glass balustrade systems provide an unobstructed view. This has made them a popular choice for an indoor glass banister, as the transparent glass allows for more natural light to flow through your home, providing a natural, open feel. Our master craftsmen at Aacme Glass can create bespoke glass balustrade designs to perfectly fit in your home. This makes them a perfect fit for most architectural designs as they can be crafted to spec; complementing your existing home décor. The core components used when fitting glass balustrade panels include the glass panels themselves, panel clips, mouldings, and cap rails.

Materials for glass balustrade fittings will vary depending on the type of balustrade glass you wish to install, the size of the glass banister, and whether you will be having a frameless glass balustrade. General safety regulations control how much weight each section the glass railing can support, which will often determine the need for panel clips and mouldings.

Glass balustrade for stairs

Glass Balustrade Panels CardiffIf you’re looking for a stylish design for your staircase then a glass balustrade could be the perfect solution. A great option for design and maximum style, a glass balustrade may not provide much stability or functionality compared to alternative types of staircase. For more information on how to get the very best glass balustrade for your home, call our team of master craftsmen today.

With over 60 years of glazing experience between our master craftsmen, the team at Aacme Glass can provide the perfect fit, every time. We’re dedicated to creating the best glass finish, with no hidden costs or extras for any of our services. Our competitive prices will make sure the final cost is affordable and reflective of the work we’ve carried out. To find out more about our frameless glass balustrade Cardiff, call our team today on 01633 244926.


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