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So, you want to know a little bit more about improving your home as well as making it a lot more energy-efficient, warm and a lot more comfortable but are unsure where to start. Aacme Glass is here to help, giving you a break down of everything you need to know about double glazing repairs.  If you would like more information on our double glazing repairs please contact us today on 01633 244 926

Double Glazing History 

Double Glazing

It is known that some of the first double glazing units were found in Scotland during the Victorian era, though the exact details of where it originated from are uncertain. Double glazing units became a lot more common in America during the 40s and 50s although it didn’t become popular in the United Kingdom until the 70s. 

In 1965, the United Kingdom passed its first set of national building standards, and subsequent refinements to these were passed as the years went by. Before, this time homes were usually built with no thought for energy efficiency. Fire, was a primary source of warmth, even in wealthier households and homes were fitted with single glazing which caused problems such as mould growth which could cause health problems. 

What Is Double Glazing? 

Double glazing is a window which consists of two panes of glass which is separated by a small layer of trapped argon gas. The argon gas has 67% of thermal conductivity of air, making it a poor conductor of heat, and therefore keeps the air trapped in your house, which will approve energy efficiency. The extra pane of glass acts as a second barrier to help reduce noise, keeping your home nice and quiet as well as improving security. 

The Benefits Of Double Glazing 

  • Your Home will be a lot quieter. 

Having double glazing installed in your home ensures that noise from the outside will have a hard time coming in which means you’re home overall will be a lot quieter. The gas-filled space in the middle of the two shards of glass will prevent sound from passing through as easily as it would do through normal windows.  

  • You will save on energy bills

Double glazing units ensure that your home will stay a lot warmer in the Winter and a lot cooler in the Summer months, all whilst requiring less power to maintain a temperature which is comfortable to live in. Double Glazing prevents up to 70% heat loss, keeping your home at a perfect temperature all year around. 

  • Your home will be more secure

Double glazing is a great security feature for your home. They are incredibly hard to break and the gas in between the two plates of glass act as a shock absorber, which adds another layer of added security for your home. 

  • The value of your property will increase

Double glazing makes your home a lot more comfortable to live in and this benefit could make your home more desirable to potential buyers in comparison to homes with single glazed windows. If you would like to sell your home then you can be assured that you’re getting a better deal than you would with single glazing.

  • Reduces condensation build-up

Condensation forms on surfaces that are cooler than the air surrounding it. The heat loss reduction in double glazing means that the interior of the glass doesn’t get cold which stops condensation building up. 

Is Double Glazing Worth It? 

The short answer is “Yes, it most certainly is.” The benefits of double glazing are truly worth every penny. They provide a high level of safety, savings, reduce noise and will ultimately increase the value of your home overall.

Double Glazed Windows

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