Double Glazing Repairs

At Aacme Glass, we are glass specialists who can provide a wide variety of glass services from creating unique mirrors for your home, to double glazing repairs. This article will focus on double glazing repairs, answering all your questions and describing the fantastically priced service provided by Aacme Glass. If you would like a quote or further information about our double glazing repair service, please call us on 01633 244926 today.

Double Glazing Repairs By Aacme Glass

With over 30 years of glazing experience, the Aacme Glass glazing team can repair and replace a wide range of double glazed units. If your existing double glazed units are misted or blown, we’re able to provide comprehensive repairs or replacements for all uPVC and wooden frames. Getting your double glazed unit repaired usually starts with a quick call or an email. Our glazing experts will ask you some basic questions about your double glazing before providing you with a competitive quote for the double glazing repair.

Once the quote has been agreed, a member of our team will arrange a suitable time to come and survey the damage to your double glazing. The survey will include a complete check-up of all double glazed units – including hinges, handles and locks. If a misted or damage pane needs replacing, our glaziers will measure up the unit and order the required replacement glass. We can also repair or replace any damaged hinges, locks and handles for all windows and doors.

Every one of our double glazing repairs or replacements starts with a free quote. All of our double glazing quotes are the most affordable on the market for the quality of repairs carried out. If you have a question, would like more information, or to request a quote – get in touch today.


Misted Glass

A clear sign that your double glazed windows need replacing is if they have become misted. Misted units have poor thermal efficiency and are less effective at keeping out the cold. This can often occur as your double glazed units age. The team at Aacme provide quality and affordable replacements for all misted and broken units. As well as not looking great, condensation can actually reduce the amount of light which is able to stream through the window which is their main purpose. If left this can often lead to you ending up with mould growing on the inside of the frame too. The worst-case scenario is when the window actually starts to leak and you end up with pools of water on the inside. In all of these instances, it’s probably the most cost-effective option to simply replace the window as repairs can work out as expensive if the seals on other panes fail and the whole cycle starts again.


Broken Glass

Double Glazing RepairsQuality installed windows can last for a long time, commonly between 15 and 20 years. However, there are a number of reasons why you might want to get them replaced before. The most obvious reason is if there is a breakage. Maybe a ball has been kicked into your window or severe weather has caused the glass to break. This is often an emergency so luckily our dedicated glazing team work around the clock and can carry out weekend repairs to ensure your home is kept secure and warm.


Window Locks

Stiff and creaky locks on your double glazed units occur over time if they are poorly maintained. They are prone to general wear and tear throughout their lifetime due to their extensive use. Regular cleaning & oiling will prolong their lifespan but they can begin to grind against the frame over time – causing permanent damage to the locking mechanism. Our glaziers are experienced at removing & servicing or completely replacing all locks for double glazed windows & doors. If you begin to notice faults with your locks, for example, maybe you need to lift the door handles that little bit more in order to lock it. If you get to this stage, call for a service, it’s a lot more inexpensive than replacing the lock.


Leaks and Drafts

From time to time windows, doors and conservatories may suffer leaks or draughts. These can be very inconvenient and are caused by a number of issues including slipped roof panels, faulty hinges, broken door or window seals. Whatever the problem the fitters at Aacme Glass will be able to identify and correct a problem in no time. Call us today if you have a window leak before further damage is caused to your home!


Hinges and Handles

In addition to faulty locks, issues with the hinges or handles are the most common repairs our glass experts fix. Broken or damaged hinges often occur over time so we recommend applying oil to the moving parts regularly to prolong their life. If left unrepaired, the hinges can stiffen and scrape against the frame or completely lock up – preventing you from opening or closing your window/door. Drafts can often occur when the window doesn’t shut properly and don’t forget that could give you a potential security issue too. Our glaziers are experienced at removing & servicing or completely replacing all hinges, handles and locks for double glazed windows and doors.


The Aacme Glass Double Glazing Services

All of our double glazing repairs and replacements cover Newport, Cardiff and surrounding areas. Our dedicated glazing team work around the clock and carry out weekend repairs for all glazing emergencies. For replacement panes that require a custom order, we are able to secure your window in preparation for the new double glazed pane.

Our Double Glazing Repairs:

  • Double glazing repairs on all doors and windows inc. uPVC, Wood & Aluminium
  • Replacement double glazed windows & doors
  • Misted & blown double glazing repairs
  • All glass panes replaced
  • Servicing & repair of all window & door handles, locks & hinges


Why Choose Aacme Glass?

Aacme Glass provide all our services with professional excellence. Our experts are fully trained and qualified in our services so you can be sure that you are receiving a top class glass supplying or fitting service. We will be able to answer all your questions and provide a unique service for you needs. If you would like more information, do not hesitate to call us on 01633 244926. Alternatively, you could visit our showroom in Newport and our friendly, experienced team can help you find exactly what you need.



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