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Replacing Your Windows For Winter

A lot of homeowners in the United Kingdom don’t like to start any home renovation projects during the winter and we can understand why. It is cold and dark and with the Christmas holidays around the corner, truth is, home renovation is probably the last thing you’re thinking about. However, replacing your windows in the winter is a lot easier, cost-effective and quick. 

Aacme Glass’ main priority is to keep you warm this winter by replacing your windows to keep the heat firmly inside of your home, keeping you and your family cosy this holiday season. If you would like more information on replacing your broken windows this winter give us a call today on 01633 244 926. 

Winter Is A Great Time To Spot Problems With Your Windows

Winter Window

Winter is a fantastic time to spot any drafts or gaps in your existing windows as you will feel the cold in your home. Lower temperatures in homes can sometimes cause the material to contract and this can lessen the performance. Knowing which windows are causing the issues can help highlight which windows need replacing. This saves a lot of time and energy in the long run. 

Energy Efficiency 

Having a draft in your window can increase your energy bills by quite a lot, as you are fighting a losing battle with your window. Getting your window replaced in the winter will make your home a lot warmer and will reduce your energy costs. Windows with low heat transfer ratings will help homeowners out in the winter by keeping the heat in but also will help out in the warmer months by reducing the amount of heat that finds in way in from outside.

Flexible Installation Dates 

Aacme Glass are always as flexible as possible to fit around customers busy schedules. However, during the winter, everyone is settling down and plans become less and less. Because of this getting your installation done in the winter can make sure all of your other design plans are still on track as we can work around you. 


How Do You Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Window?

There are many reasons why you should replace your old windows. Some of the reasons may include: 

  • Drafts coming into your home. 
  • Condensation.
  • You have trouble opening & closing the windows. 
  • Your home is noisy
  • The windows leak when the weather is bad. 

Replacing your window can make your home a lot more comfortable and energy efficiency all year round. Visit our showroom or give us a call today on 01633 244926.

Broken Glass Replacement In Newport 

Here at Aacme Glass we always strive to provide our valued customers with a high level of service with high-quality products. With 30 years experience, we can replace the glass inside your windows with ease, covering South Wales. Don’t worry about repairing your glass this winter; as it is the perfect time to make your home that little bit cosier. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your double glazing repairs



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