Replacement Glass Cutting Service in Cardiff

Aacme’s Replacement Glass Cutting Service in Cardiff

Replacement Glass Cutting Service in CardiffGlass is so much more than just a surface. Keeping you warm in your family home or simply brightening up a room, Aacme Glass offer replacement glass cutting services and much more. This article will provide you with an insight on the best practice for getting replacement glass, how our team at Aacme Glass can help, and the different types of replacement glass and other glass services we offer. We offer a dedicated replacement glass cutting service in Cardiff, so call us today on 01633 244926.

At Aacme Glass, our team is coming up on 60 years of glazing experience. We have a lifetime of knowledge to guide you through the glass cutting service processes. This is more than just a job to us; glazing is in our blood! We cut out the middleman to create a personal service focused on your needs. We’re not about the hard sell, we’re one of the few glass suppliers who offer glass cut to size with a start to finish service and no hidden extras. We care about the work we do and we care about you.

Glass cut to size in Cardiff

Our unique glass cutting techniques allow us to create bespoke glass cut to size. When it comes to creating something beautiful, second best just won’t do. From a small job in your bathroom when fitting new shower doors, to a shopfront that requires tailored design, you’re going to need more than an off the shelf product. Our bespoke glass is beautiful yet affordable, and by measuring and cutting to your exact requirements, with only the highest quality materials; we’re guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

Toughened safety glass in Cardiff

Is regular paned glass just not going to cut it? Looking for something to avoid those panes of glass that break repeatedly? Whether it’s to keep the neighbours from breaking your greenhouse with their ball, or for a new dining table; the only limit is your imagination.

With the exact same thickness as regular paned glass, our toughened safety glass is five times stronger and more durable than all regular paned glass. Our toughened safety glass can be cut to size and is much stronger than ordinary glass cut to size. The possibilities are endless, and our toughened glass cut to size really shines as door glass and in balustrade panes. Using toughened glass cut to size allows for maximum versatility when cutting for custom glass designs, and can be cut to any shape or size whilst you wait. Unlike regular glass, toughened glass cut to size has safety as a priority – and if it was to break, it shatters into small chunks, instead of dangerous, splintered shards.

Laminated glass in Cardiff

We provide a bespoke laminated glass cutting service, perfect for your custom glass balustrades and doors. Protected by a tough but barely visible interlayer, our laminated glass may break but the dangerous shards do not matter! They are held securely in place and prevent everyone from getting injured or harmed.
Our laminated glass is perfect for high-impact solutions such as balustrades and shopfronts. This safety-first glass cutting service also offers improved sound insulation and reduced incoming UV rays, one of our great all-round custom glass products!

Mirrored glass in Cardiff

Are you looking for a new mirror but tired of the similar products you keep finding on the high street? At Aacme glass we turn your dreams into reflections. With mirrored glass, available in all shapes and sizes, our custom mirror cut to size service means you can have a made-to-measure product that is as unique as you are!

From our classic full-length mirrors to something a little more contemporary, we’re sure there’s something here for you. For a more bespoke glass cutting service, call one of our team to get an idea of the design and planning that goes into our made-to-measure mirrors. From basic to bespoke, and hundreds of frames to choose from, a mirror cut to size is a fantastic edition to any room, so consider our replacement glass cutting service in Cardiff today!

Balustrade glass in Cardiff

Are you looking for something a little bit different when it comes to railing installations? Whether it’s for your new balcony or beautiful winding staircase, our elegant balustrade glass cutting designs are perfect for all sceneries.

We offer beautifully crafted balustrade glass, for refurbishments AND new installations. Carefully crafted to your required specifications, our master craftsmen never miss a trick when it comes to balustrade. You also have the option of self-installation or one of our expert fitters can come out and install it for you!

Why not get creative and try our balustrade glass cutting service for a new swimming pool fencing, decked area or even that rooftop terrace that needs a little TLC! Our customers have used our bespoke balustrade designs for just about anything. Our replacement glass cutting service can perfectly upgrade your balustrade and make it as beautiful as it once was.

For more information on our replacement glass cutting service, or for any advice on what glass cutting service you best require, please give us a call on 01633 244926 or visit our products and services page to view our Cardiff replacement glass cutting service and South Wales.


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