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How to Style Your Home With Mirrors

Mirrors are a gorgeous, yet simple accessory which can bring life to any room, you just need to know how and where to do so. Nowadays there are so many different shapes, styles, sized and designs of mirror that they are not only now used for their functionality but also for decorative purposes. 

Whether you want to make a statement with wall art or simply increase the light and space of a room a mirror is most certainly the answer. Aacme Glass is here to help you discover all of the ways in which you can style your home with the help of some gorgeous mirrors if you would like more information on our bespoke mirrors contact us today on 01633 244 926

Think About The Placement 

Mirror Placement

It is recommended that much like with a piece of art that you hang the mirror at eye level, however, this does all depend on the reflection that you desire. Just remember to place it in front of something attractive, this will be explained further in the next point. 

Think About The Reflection 

Before you place a mirror in your home, think about what is across from it as it is important to think about what will be reflected in it. You should think about placing the mirror in front of such as a painting or an interesting piece of furniture as the mirror will give that item even more important, unfortunately, this will be the same if it is placed in front of something unattractive. On the other hand, if you place a mirror in front of a window you will increase the light that is let into the room a significant amount, making the room look a lot bigger. 

Think Big

Big mirror

Most people who are decorating their homes buy a lot of a little, but sometimes it can be a lot better to think big. Using a large mirror in a small space will usually make the room look a lot bigger a create the illusion of greater depth. Full-length mirrors leaning against a wall can also be used as a decorative piece in narrow hallways for style and also again to make space look bigger. 

Think Multiple

Why stop at just one? Get creative with it. Treat it like a photo wall, and place them wherever suit fits. Make sure all of the frames are the same to create a more organised look. Mirror mosaics usually suit more modern homes and also homes with less clutter. Lots of little small frames in a cluttered room could make the room look even more cluttered. 


Think About Style

Mirror Style

Mirrors can come in all different shapes, styles, designs and sizes, it all depends on your own personal preference and style. Consider the effect that you would like to create in each individual room and go from there. You can get different types of glass such as smokey, antique, modern and many more, these can greatly contribute to the final look of a particular space. 

Think About A Focal Point

A mirror can make a perfect focal point for a room, which is why they are usually placed above a central piece of furniture in a room. Place paintings or lighting on either side of the mirror to make it a great focal point or create an entire wall of mirrors for a perfect design feature. 

Made to Measure 

All of the Aacme Glass mirrors are cut to the exact size and shape requested by the customer. Our talented team of master craftsmen always create outstanding mirrors which can be cut to any size, shape and design. Our services allow our customers to select a huge range of basic and bespoke designs with beautiful frames also available to you. 




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