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Quality Glass Supplier in Cardiff

Dealing with glass every day can be dangerous work. Here at Aacme Glass, our professionals are sharp and to the point when it comes to everything glass. Whether its glass cut to size or glass replacement for your greenhouse, our master craftsmen’s glass cutting abilities are one of the reasons we’re the most sought after glass supplier in Cardiff.

Glass supplier in Cardiff

When creating something beautiful, second-best just doesn’t cut it. From bespoke stained glass to toughened glass, you deserve the very best our master craftsmen have to offer. Glass cutting requires the perfect fit, and we can deliver the very best results. Aacme Glass craft the very best glass cut to size – all at unbelievably low prices.

Glass cut to size

When looking for a glass supplier in Cardiff, you’re obviously going to want to get your money’s worth. At Aacme Glass you can choose from any type of glass depending on your project – and we can craft it. From design to functionality, we have it all. If you’re in need of design, we craft stained glass and coloured glass splashbacks for your kitchens and other creative projects.

If you’re looking for something a little more functional we offer a variety of mirrored glass and glass balustrade for household interiors. Whether it’s a staircase or a balcony, our balustrade products have proven time and time again to give your house that clean and modern edge. If you have existing balustrade or mirror glass that is damaged or needs work, give us a call and one of our master craftsmen can walk you through our glass replacement service and what sort of thing you can expect from our glass replacement service.

If you’re looking for specialised glass cut to size for interior design – whether it’s functional or purely aesthetic, Aacme Glass are the most reliable glass supplier in Cardiff. We provide a comprehensive glass cutting service for all custom glass cut size. From the initial glass measurements and glass cutting to delivery and fitting at your property. Get in touch with one of our master craftsmen if you’d like to find out more about our glass cutting service.

Glass cutting

Our bespoke glass cutting service can bring your creative ideas to life. Our master craftsmen provide bespoke glass cutting on all types of glass. If you’re looking to create something special as a gift or are looking for a decorative masterpiece, our team can turn your designs into a beautiful reality. As one of the most reliable glass suppliers in Cardiff, our customers have come to expect the very best because of the services we provide. If you have any design ideas you would like to run by us, or have something creative in mind – give us a call or visit our workshop!

Glass can be a dangerous material, and if not looked after, can cause serious harm and injury. At Aacme Glass we take pride in being able to offer tempered glass, laminated glass and even toughened glass for all types of use. Our tempered glass is compressed to provide a strengthened outer layer and increased tension on the inner layers. This treatment process allows the glass to withstand greater stress and is much tougher than regular glass. We are also the most reliable glass suppliers when it comes to laminated glass products. Laminated glass will hold itself together if it shatters, and in the event of it breaking, it is held together by an internal laminate. This keeps the glass together even when broken, and prevents glass shattering everywhere and causing injury.

Glass replacement

Our glass replacement service puts your glass worries at ease with our no-fuss glass cutting service. Just drop in or call our workshop and choose from any type of glass – cut to any shape you need, and any size. Our master craftsmen can guarantee the perfect fit every time based on the dimensions provided. So, put your feet up and enjoy a cup of tea whilst your glass is cut to size and it will be ready to go before you’ve finished the cup! If you require delivery and installation just let us know and we’ll arrange a time that suits you. Our installations are fast and reliable, with no fuss when delivering and installing your glass cut to size.

To find out more about our entire glass cutting services and what our master craftsmen can do you for you, then give us a call on 01633 244926 or drop into our workshop. Remember; if you’re looking for reliable glass cutting at an affordable price, we’re the best glass supplier in Cardiff.


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