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Glass Replacement CardiffAacme Glass is a glass supplier company in South Wales. We now have over 60 years of glazing experience and a lifetime of knowledge. We are proud to be able to provide a complete service from start to finished which can be tailored to your specific requirements. Our glass is cut to size so all our products are unique to you. You do not need to worry about any hidden and extra costs as we are a glass company who is not just about the hard sell. We care about the work we do and we care about our customers. For more information about our glass services, please feel free to email us or call us on 01633 244926.

When Do I Need Glass Replacement?

Quality installed windows can last for a long time, commonly between 15 and 20 years. However, there are a number of reasons why you might want to get them replaced before. The most obvious reason is if there is a breakage. Maybe a ball has been kicked into your window or severe weather has caused the glass to break. This is often an emergency so luckily our dedicated glazing team work around the clock and can carry out weekend repairs to ensure your home is kept secure.

Another reason for replacement is if you have noticed that your windows have become misted. Misted units have poor thermal efficiency and are less effective at keeping out the cold. This can often occur as your double glazed units age. The team at Aacme Glass can provide a quality and affordable replacement service for all misted and broken units.

In some cases, there may be the possibility to have your window damage repaired rather than a full replacement. To find out more about our glass repairs please visit the page on our website. However, in most circumstances, we advise that a replacement is more worthwhile and cost-effective than a repair. Even if windows are still operable, they can develop problems as a result of previous damage. So if you want to ensure that issues do not keep reoccurring, a glass replacement service is probably the best option.

Some customers decide to have glass replacements because they want to reduce their energy bills. Windows provide some heat in the winter by letting in sunlight. However, Drafty windows can cause energy bills to be around 15-25% higher than new energy efficient windows. If you want to reduce your heating and cooling bills, replacing your windows will be a worthwhile investment. Also, if you are thinking of moving house in the near future, new energy saving windows could be a popular selling point. If you are not moving, new windows are also a great way to renovate your house. If your windows are looking worn, then this will reflect into your home. Updating your windows can transform your home and make it a more pleasant place to relax.

Types of Glass Replacement Cardiff?

At Aacme Glass we offer a range of different glass types to satisfy all of our customers. Our unique glass cutting techniques allow us to create bespoke glass cut to size. Whether you need new shower doors fitted in your bathroom or a tailored design for a shopfront, you’re going to need more than an off the shelf product. Our bespoke glass is beautiful yet affordable, and by measuring and cutting to your exact requirements, with only the highest quality materials; we’re guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

We offer toughened glass to our customers which has the exact same thickness as our regular paned glass, but it is five times stronger and more durable. Our toughened safety glass can be cut to size and is much stronger than ordinary glass cut to size.  Using toughened glass cut to size allows for maximum versatility when cutting for custom glass designs, and can be cut to any shape or size whilst you wait. Unlike regular glass, toughened glass cut to size has safety as a priority – and if it was to break, it shatters into small chunks, instead of dangerous, splintered shards.

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Additionally, we provide a bespoke laminated glass cutting service, perfect for your custom glass balustrades and doors. Protected by a tough but barely visible interlayer, our laminated glass may break but the dangerous shards do not matter! They are held securely in place and prevent everyone from getting injured or harmed. Our laminated glass is perfect for high-impact solutions such as balustrades and shopfronts. This safety-first glass cutting service also offers improved sound insulation and reduced incoming UV rays.

Whether it’s for your new balcony or beautiful winding staircase, our elegant balustrade glass cutting designs are perfect for all sceneries. We offer beautifully crafted balustrade glass, for refurbishments and new installations. Carefully crafted to your required specifications, our master craftsmen never miss a trick when it comes to balustrade glass. You also have the option of self-installation or one of our expert fitters can come out and install it for you. Our replacement glass cutting service can perfectly upgrade your balustrade and make it as beautiful as it once was.

Commercial And Domestic Glass Replacement Cardiff

Aacme Glass offer all our service for both commercial and domestic customers. Our 60 years of experience means that our craftsmen are capable of completing just about any job. Glass is important for security and aesthetic in any commercial building and households alike. For any commercial queries, please contact us on 01633 244926 or for our domestic service, call 01633 244926.

Aacme Glass – Glass Replacement Cardiff

We are confident that our level of skills and versatility will leave all of our customers satisfied. We offer all of our top quality services in Cardiff, Newport, Chepstow, and other towns across South Wales. Please do not hesitate to contact us today!


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