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Bespoke glass cut to size Cardiff

Glass cut to size CardiffAre you searching for Glass cut to size Cardiff? At Aacme Glass, we’re proud to provide a bespoke glass cutting service for all domestic and commercial customers. We offer a great range of glass cut to size that can bring your home to life or give your workplace that professional looking edge. The master craftsmen here at Aacme Glass are working hard around the clock to bring you the very best glass cut to size Cardiff.

For more information on our range of glass cutting services, get in touch with our friendly team today on 01633 244926. The finesse and expertise of our master craftsmen will ensure you get the perfect cut of glass every time – no matter what the project is. With years of industry experience, the glazing team here at Aacme Glass are a cut above the rest. The flexibility of our service means you decide exactly what the finished product looks like, and as we always have a glazier on site, we can cut it right there whilst you wait.

Glass cut to size Cardiff – while you wait

Professional with every cut, all our glass products are cut to spec and on time. If you’re shopping around for something specific then come on in or call us today and our master craftsmen can discuss all your glass cutting needs. When you’re looking for something more than an off-the-shelf cut, just submit your dimensions to us with information on the piece of glass you’re looking to create and we can create the finished article in no time.

So, what type of glass can we cut to size? The finesse and precision of our glass cutting experts allow us to bring your dreams to life, with any type of glass cut to any shape no matter what the size. From coloured splashback glass for your kitchen to toughened safety glass for a secure, protective solution, we cut it all – just contact us today to find out more. Below, you’ll find more information on each type of glass cut to size Cardiff.

Toughened safety glass

Also known as tempered glass, toughened glass is created by carefully cutting and processing various sheets of glass which are slowly placed into a furnace using an oscillating roller system. The glass is required to be cut prior to the toughening process, as cutting toughened glass will compromise its bonded structure, causing the toughened glass to shatter.

Once in the furnace, the glass is heated into a plastic-like state with temperatures reaching 650°C. After heating, the glass is moved to an area where it is rapidly cooled using a series of high-pressure air taps. This rapid cooling process forces the glass into high levels of compression on the surface, whilst retaining higher levels of tension within the centre of the glass.

After the toughening process, the physical characteristics are the same, but the strength of the glass is up to 4x stronger than your standard pane of glass. If you’re searching for toughened glass cut to size Cardiff, get in touch with our friendly team today with your dimensions and we’ll have your glass cut in no time.

Obscure glass

Cut glass CardiffIf you’re looking for something different, our obscure glass cut to size Cardiff has become quite a popular choice for many homes and interior designers. Obscure glass provides many aesthetic and functional benefits around the home, and our master craftsmen can bring your ideas to life.

With various types of obscure glass available, it’s generally a type of rolled glass with a pattern embedded into each or either side of the glass. Frequently used as decoration around the home, it’s commonly used by manufacturers and glazing companies when installing privacy windows for downstairs bathrooms or for that added privacy in specific rooms.

To find out more about our range of glass cut to size Cardiff, you can call our friendly glazing team today on 01633 244926. To find out more about our range of glass cutting products you can also visit our bespoke glass cut to size page.


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