Glass cut to size in Chepstow

Glassing cutting services

From showers to shopfronts, we’re everything glass. We offer services ranging from entire property overhauls to smaller creative jobs around the home. At Aacme, glass is so much more than just a surface. Our master craftsmen take pride in every glassing cutting project, leaving you with an immaculate, precise finish. So, if you’re in need of glass cut to size in Chepstow, give us a call on 01633 244926 or drop by our workshop to get a free quote from one of our master craftsmen.

Glass cut to size in Chepstow

With our glass cutting services ranging from large scale commercial to small-scale home projects, our adaptable team are sure to lend a hand. Our team of experts can take you from start to finish, allowing you to choose your glass cut to size, the glass cutting itself, and even glass replacement and delivery once you are satisfied with your product.


Stained Glass & Coloured Splashback Glass

Our range of stained glass and coloured splashback glass is perfect for protecting your kitchen from spills and splashes around the worktops and are a great investment for all kitchens. But the fun doesn’t stop there – we can install custom stained glass designs and bespoke coloured splashback glass in bathrooms and bedrooms to inject instant style and bring a room to life.

Our coloured splashback glass is so easy to clean, it offers the perfect balance between design and functionality. Available in a wide range of colours and styles, our coloured splashback glass range will suit any and all creative installations. If you’re unsure as to the style you are looking for or had ideas for bespoke functionality, call us today to discuss your ideas with one of our master craftsmen or drop into our Newport showroom. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, then we’ll go that extra mile to find it for you – and that extra effort won’t be reflected in the price!


Tempered glass & toughened glass

If only everything was made of glass… Well now it can be! We provide bespoke glass cut to size in Chepstow with our tempered glass and toughened glass range. This super-strength glass can be used for all bespoke designs including tables and work surfaces. Our tempered glass is exactly the same thickness as your standard every day glass but is up to five times stronger! Tempered glass is compressed to provide a strengthened outer layer and increases the tension of the inner layers.

Treating tempered glass and toughened glass allows the glass to withstand greater stress and is perfect for bespoke glass solutions such as tables,


Laminated glass

Have you ever knocked over a glass and it’s smashed into a thousand tiny pieces? With laminated glass an internal laminate layer will protect your glass from shattering all over the floor or into tiny little pieces you end up finding weeks later. In the event that laminate glass breaks, the internal laminate layer will hold the shattered pieces in place, avoiding any injury or harm to those around the accident.

At Aacme Glass we can provide expert laminated glass solutions for a huge range of applications. The strong and barely visible protected layer is ideal for high impact applications such as glass balustrades and offers improved sound insulation and protection from UV rays! Each and every sheet of our laminated glass complies with EN ISO 12543 so you know you’re getting the highest quality of laminated glass.


Obscure glass

Obscure glass provides an alternative solution for your glass replacement headache. Whether it’s textured or tinted, coloured glass, or event frosted glass – we’ve got it here at Aacme Glass. If you’re looking for a little privacy, our obscure glass and frosted glass is perfect for blocking out prying eyes whilst still allowing that beautiful, natural light to flood through!

From small repairs on decorative glass sculptures to frosted glass for your bathroom, our experienced master craftsmen can provide you with the ideal, bespoke solution. We also create custom stained glass for windows or something completely different for a one-off project. We’ll provide the glass cut to size for your exact requirements.


The best glass cut to size in Chepstow

With nearly 60 years of experience in the glass industry between us, Aacme Glass have a lifetime of knowledge on everything glass. First established in 1987, our family run business offers competitive prices on all glass cut to size in Chepstow – with no hidden costs or charges. Your service is tailored to EXACTLY what you need. Our master craftsmen are here to guide you through the glass cutting process and make sure the finished product is just what you envisioned. So, drop into our Newport showroom or call us on 01633 244926 to find out more about all the glass cutting we provide!


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