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Are you looking for a reliable glass company Cardiff? Do you have a project that requires a specialist glass cutting service? Or do you have a small project such as putting up new bathroom mirrors, fitting shower doors or even putting up some glass shelves? At Aacme glass, our vast product and service range is a great example of our industry experience and professional glass cutting skill set. There is no job too small or too difficult that we cannot complete, and with hundreds of services for replacement windows and window repair, as well as custom glass fits; we offer something for everyone.

Glass company CardiffFor more information on our products and services, and what we do – visit our glass products and services page to find out about our bespoke glass cutting service – we’re the best glass company in Cardiff!

Glass cut to size

At Aacme glass, we’re a cut above your average. We go above and beyond to ensure your custom glass orders are perfectly crafted to specification. You choose from any type of glass, from tough glass cut to size, tempered glass, and even mirrored glass. Then one of our master craftsmen cut the glass into any shape of any size that you require – with the perfect fit guaranteed every time. Our express glass cutting service will have you fixed up in no time, with no-fuss installations and repairs at your earliest convenience. For a glass company in Cardiff, we offer glass cut to size and a large range of custom glass that fulfil the needs of hundreds of our happy customers.

If you’re looking for specifics, then look no further! We can create any shape mirror cut to size, customised greenhouse glass, tempered glass, and even fit you with new shower doors. If you’re looking for high-quality glass cutting services and need them NOW, then you’re in the right place. With our ‘While you wait’ service, there’s no need to hang around or come back tomorrow! Just drop into our showroom, pick the glass you need, we’ll cut it for you – it really is that simple!

Glass cutting services and glass fitting

When you’re looking for glass fitting, you need a high-quality product that can be easily cut, fitted, and delivered – all for one affordable price. At Aacme glass we provide the complete package when it comes to all things glass, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

We provide you with everything you need. From cutting your custom glass in-house to providing tempered glass and fitting it at your house. With perfect precision for every single pane, our master craftsmen provide the ultimate glass fitting experience, so you don’t have to worry and always have someone to rely on for your glass cutting services.

It really is as simple as it sounds; just visit our showroom and choose from a selection of custom glass and a variety of glass supplies. Then take a seat, enjoy a cup of tea whilst we get your glass cut to size right there and then! Once crafted, we can arrange a suitable time for our experienced glass fitting team to come and install it for you.

Fed up of seeing that cracked pane that you’ve been wanted to get fixed for a while but just haven’t gotten around to it? Do you have a smashed window that is in instant need of attention? Don’t panic. Just give us a call today and find out more about our comprehensive glass repair services!

Toughened glass cut to size

Sometimes the regular pane just doesn’t do the trick. Maybe you’ve had enough of the neighbour’s ball going straight through your greenhouse glass? We offer toughened glass cut to size for all bespoke projects. Our super-strength glass is exactly the same thickness as standard glass, but is up to FIVE times stronger! Toughened glass cut to size is ideal for load-bearing or increasing protection that can be used in a variety of ways. From greenhouse glass to shower doors, the possibilities are endless when it comes to toughened glass.

With toughened glass cut to size, the glass breaks into smaller chunks as opposed to the sharp, splintered shards of regular glass. So if you’re looking to get new glass shower doors or beautiful glass table, toughened safety glass is the perfect solution for you.

You won’t find a glass cutting service quite like Aacme Glass. There is no project or no work that we cannot complete. Our experienced and professional team of master craftsmen and agile fitters provide an outstanding service for all custom glass projects.

To find out more about our entire range of glass cutting services please contact us today on 01633 244926 and find out why we’re one of the best glass company in Cardiff!


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