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Are you looking for ‘double glazing repairs in Newport’? Aacme Glass can repair and replace a huge range of double glazing units, with 30 years of experience in the glazing industry. If you have double glazed units that are blown or misted, Aacme glass has built up a reputation for high quality products and an excellent service standard. 

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Double Glazing Window

How Does Double Glazing Work? 

Double glazing is a fantastic investment as it will save you money on energy bills and your homes overall energy performance. This in result can improve your property’s value when you sell it. 

Double Glazed windows are structured with two glass panes. One glass pane is on the outside and the other is on the inside with a spacer bar separating the two, which leaves an air pocket between them. This air pocket between the two panes gives the window with added thermal insulation, this is because the air is trapped in between the glass can’t circulate, conducting heat poorly. The poor heat conduction will lead to a reduction in heat loss from inside the house. 

The Benefits of Double Glazing 

Double Glazing offers your home a wide range of benefits. The most well known benefits of double glazing include; 

  • Increased security levels for your home. 
  • Noise reduction which will then create a peaceful environment at home. 
  • A warm home in the Winter, as well as a cool home in the Summer.
  • Lowering energy bills and increasing the overall home energy efficiency.
  • Prevents drafts

Misted Windows & Condensation 

Windows that are misted.

A ‘misted’ unit is whenever condensation appears between the two panes of glass. This problem can occur for a number of reasons. More times than not it is because of the length of time that the window has been installed. When your window has been installed for a long time the vacuum seal between the two panes could be compromised, meaning that the units will have poor thermal efficiency and will be less effective when it comes to keeping the cold out of your home. If you have noticed that your windows have misted, get in touch with Aacme Glass and we will repair or replace the double glazing unit for a competitive price. 

Locking Systems 

If your windows and doors are poorly maintained you may experience stiff and creaky locks on your double glazing units. It is normal for them to be prone to general wear and tear as these units are used frequently. Regular maintenance should help prolong their lifestyle, cleaning and oiling is helpful but can grind against the frame over a long period of time. This will then result in permanent and more expensive damage to the locking system. At Aacme Glass our experienced glazers can remove or replace all locks for all double glazing windows and doors. 

Aacme Glass

We are known throughout South Wales for our affordable prices, quality products and high level service. We take a huge amount of pride in our standards of work and give each of our valued customers the same level of high quality service. So, if you are looking for double glazing repairs in Newport, Aacme Glass could be the answer. There is no job too small or too big for our team of experts who are always on hand to answer any queries you may have. If you would like any more information on our products and services contact us today.  




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