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Glass Cutting Professionals in Cwmbran

All glass cut to size at Aacme Glass

Tempered glass cutting in CwmbranProviding South Wales with glass cutting solutions for over 40 years, Aacme Glass know a thing or two when it comes to glass cutting. Experts at what we do, our master craftsmen work tirelessly to provide the very best glass cut to size – at an extremely competitive price. From frosted glass to splashback glass to laminated glass, our range of glass cutting services has something for everyone. Functional and fashionable, we provide extensive glass cutting services throughout South Wales so call us today on 01633 244926 to find out about our bespoke glass cutting in Cwmbran.

With the help of our master craftsmen, we take a look at some of the very best and very different types of glass cutting that we offer here at Aacme. Alongside our bespoke glass cut to size, we also offer professional glass replacement for a wide range of domestic and commercial properties.

Professional glass cutting services in Cwmbran

When you shop with Aacme Glass we can guarantee you’re getting the best price for all bespoke glass cutting. Our master craftsmen order direct from the source and can have your glass cut to size in no time. This allows us to provide industry leading glass cutting services at a fraction of the price. From the sleek and simple, to the extravagant and elegant; each and every piece of glass cut to size is bespoke and tailored to your needs.

There isn’t much we can’t do at Aacme Glass as we even cater to specialised design projects and home DIY designs for your garden. The glass cutting possibilities are endless, and we always try our very best to make sure the finished product is created to spec. You’ll never be lost at Aacme, and understand that finding what you need can often be difficult. We offer free advice and guidance throughout our entire glass cutting process and communicate with you to make sure the finished article is just what you were hoping for.

Custom laminated glass

Professional glass cutting company in CwmbranOur custom laminated glass cutting services are perfect for around the home and at work – especially where there are a lot of people. As a type of safety glass, laminated glass will hold together when it shatters. Protected by a laminated interlayer, when the glass reaches maximum stress and shatters, it is held together within the laminated layer. This prevents the glass from breaking into sharp pieces and is brilliant for home design in bathrooms and living area, especially if you have children.

When the laminated glass slightly breaks, it creates a type of spider web pattern crack that is protected behind the protective laminate layer. Additional uses of laminated glass include vehicle windshields and architectural designs such as skylights. As one of the safest types of glass available, it is frequently used across for hurricane resistant applications (including shop fronts and buildings).

Bespoke balustrade glass designs

Perfect for internal and external design, our bespoke balustrade glass cutting designs are a great way to enhance your home this summer. Our master craftsmen have created a wide array of balustrade glass projects for outdoor patios, pools and balconies – so you’re in safe hands with us. We can bring your dreams to life, and our competitively priced balustrade glass products will keep that final bill nice and affordable.

We’ve also created some beautiful internal balustrade glass pieces for staircases and hallways. Just drop into our showroom with your ideas and dimensions, and we can discuss the project in detail. Aacme Glass specialise is new balustrade installations as well as refurbishment of existing balustrades. We can provide all balustrade glass cut to size and let you choose between self-installation or one of our master craftsmen can be there to lend a hand.

Glass cutting like no other

At Aacme Glass, our master craftsmen are experts in glass cutting and glass replacement throughout South Wales. Glass is more than just a surface, and whilst we occasionally catch our craftsmen looking at themselves in the glass reflections – they cut glass like no other. You can call us today on 01633 244926 to enquire about any of our glass cutting services, or visit our workshop today to get the very best glass cutting service in Cwmbran.


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