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Professional glass company in Cardiff

From functionality to design, glass is an integral part of everyday life that makes essential tasks possible. Whether it’s toughened glass for your car, to frosted glass for your new garage – Aacme cut and fit all types of glass. Our master craftsmen are second to none, with over 50 years experience between them. Their glass cutting finesse sets them aside in the glass industry, as glass is more than just a material. The functionality and design of our bespoke glass cutting service make our glass cutting in Cardiff the most sought after in South Wales.

Serving South Wales with distinction for 40 years, we have a lifetime’s knowledge of glass cutting and many experts to help you find what you’re looking for. From supply to glass cutting, to fit – we cut out the middle man and can source and repair your glass cut to size. Tailored to your requirements, our bespoke glass cutting service provides you with industry leading quality at affordable prices. Call us today on 01633 244926 for more information.

All types of glass cut to size

The master craftsmen at Aacme Glass have experience in cutting a wide range of glass products and understand that each and every order is different. Sometimes you’re looking for something simple – maybe a few panes of clear glass cut to size. But we also cater for specialised projects that require something a little different when it comes to glass cutting. We ensure that each and every order is delivered to spec, and we can even provide fast and reliable glass replacement installations.

Our master craftsmen know no bounds and your glass cutting possibilities are endless. Any shape, any design, any colour. You can’t be wrong and we carry out your specifications to the letter. We understand the reluctance of some customers who are unsure as to what they may need when it comes to glass replacement, but we’re here to guide you through the process. We offer completely free advice and assistance on all of your glass requirements.

From tempered glass to splashback glass to toughened glass, we can cut it all. Our diverse product range gives you everything you could ever need – and if we don’t have any in stock, we’ll order it in, get it cut, and deliver it to your door. Below we take a look at the wide range of products and services offered at Aacme Glass.

Stained glass

Stained glassProfessional glass cutting company in Cardiff is a type of coloured glass and is frequently used in designing windows. It has been used throughout history and is commonly found in churches and other important buildings. Our master craftsmen regularly craft stained glass flat panels for windows and other decorative features. We’re also able to provide stained glass cut to size for design projects, household decorations, and garden features.

Stained glass is created by adding metallic salts during manufacture. Once the metallic salts have blended with the glass, they can then be used for various purposes. We tend to stock stained glass sheets at Aacme and then cut to size based on your requirements.

Tempered glass & Toughened glass

Tempered glass cutting in CardiffTempered or toughened glass is a stronger, more durable type of glass that has endured chemical or thermal treatments during creation. The outer surfaces of tempered glass are put into compression, whilst the internal layers are put into tension. The creates a tough bond between the glass layers and prevents the glass to break into tiny dangerous pieces when it smashes. Instead, toughened glass will break into small chunks that are much safer and less likely to cause harm.

Based on its structural integrity, tempered glass is commonly used in vehicles and bathrooms. The compressive stress applied to the outer glass layers is what gives tempered glass it’s unparalleled strength compared to regular glass cut to size. If you are interested in ordering toughened glass, it must first be cut to size prior to tempering. If our master craftsmen were to cut or grind tempered glass, it is highly likely that it would fracture and break.

Glass cutting with Aacme Glass

You can expect the very best glass cutting service here at Aacme Glass. Our master craftsmen never shy away from a challenge, and if you’ve got big ideas – we can make them a reality. Our bespoke glass cutting service caters to all needs, and you can have any glass cut to size – no matter how large or small. We also offer a competitive glass replacement service for domestic and commercial buildings, so call us today on 01633 244926 for more information on Cardiff’s best glass cutting company.



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