The Complete Guide To Buying Obscure Glass

Beginners Guide To Buying Obscure Glass


Obscure Window

Obscure Glass distorts people and items on the other side of the glass, which is what this sets this type of glass aside from ordinary glass due to its lack of transparency. Obscure glass is amazing for privacy reasons, adding some colour or design into a room or bringing a natural source of light into a room. Many people love obscure glass because there are no creative limits. There are thousands of designs to choose from to make your home perfectly designed to fit your personality. If you have any questions or would like some more information on our obscure glass please feel free to contact us on our website today.


Choosing the design of your obscure glass can be an extremely difficult task. You need to pick a design that you know that you are your family will love but also pick a style that is timeless and you won’t be bored of in year to come. You also should take into consideration how much privacy you would like the obscure glass to provide. If the obscure glass is going to be a shower screen you might want this to be extremely private compared to a small window for decoration.

Lastly, you should look at the room in which the glass will be fitted. If you have a room that you feel is particularly dark and you would love to add some natural light in but while still keeping your privacy. Obscure glass once again could be your best option. By choosing the right design you could get all the privacy in the world but also allow that natural shining light into your room. You honestly do have the best of both worlds when it comes to obscure glass.


Obscure glass is extremely easy to clean, with one wipe of a small cloth and any marks will come off with ease. It’s that easy. Obscure glass allows natural light to come shining into a room. The light coming into the room can often make the room seem bigger and brighter too. It goes without saying that obscure glass helps with privacy. This type of glass would be ideal for a shower screen or even in a working office to stop prying eyes. Lastly, obscure glass can add a touch of elegance and style to your home, It can be a wonderful contribution to your home.


Obscure glass designs can be found on toughened safety glass. Toughened safety glass is up to five times stronger than normal glass. This glass is very reliable as it is shock and heat resistant which brings in the natural health and safety features that go alongside this. In the unlikely event of the glass breaking, it will break into tiny blunt pieces again preventing injury.


Obscure glass can be found anywhere. Bathrooms use obscure glass for shower screens, some homes may have a feature piece in they have designed in their house. You can usually find beautifully designed obscure glass in restaurants and of course in churches, where the most beautifully crafted window designs can be found. Obscure Glass really can be found anywhere and it is unique to everyone. If you are interested in our obscure glass please call us on 01633 244926 for domestic purposes and 01633 244926 for commercial purposes.

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Obscure Glass

Here at Aacme Glass, we have nearly 60 years experience in the industry and we are confident can provide you with obscure glass specifically made to order for you and your home. We will work closely with you to understand your exact requirements and work to the specification to create the design you have envisioned for your home. If you would like more information about our obscure glass. Please feel free to get in touch with us and our friendly staff would be more than happy to answer your questions on our website.  



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